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Summer holiday closed


Friends, sun, sand, and sea

– that is the sound of summer to CORE-emt

The summer holiday is approaching, and we want to wish you a happy summer.

CORE-emt are holiday closed from the 9th – 22nd of July.

We want to thank our costumers and partners that have made the first 6 months of 2018 insightful, fun and exciting. We can’t wait to be back from summer vacation and cooperate with all of you in making a positive difference the SMT business.

Think happy summer thoughts 🙂


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SMART:count will tell you everytime

This is the first ‘Count & Print’ solution for SMT component reels. Counting and marking the components of an open reel allows inventory management with maximum accuracy. The advantage of printing on the cover tape lies within the lack of necessity for more than one counting per reel.

Download our SMARTcount flyer or contact us for further information.

Steen V. Haugbølle

Tlf.  +45 3017 8210


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Second hand VS new technology

SMT machines – Second hand VS new technology

As SMT machinery is a big investment, whether you choose a second hand SMT machine or a new SMT machinery. That makes it crucial that buyers make the right investment the first time around. Both to meet needs in daily production and quality wise.

Unfortunately, none of us have a crystal ball, but at CORE-emt we have a thorough understanding and expertise of the SMT business. That gives us the best foundation to guide you in choosing the right SMT machine the first time around.


Second hand SMT machinery

It’s not a bad choice to buy a used SMT machine. At CORE-emt we do occasionally sell second hand machinery. Choosing the right solution for you all narrows down to 3 factors. Your present production, what you aim to produce in the future and at what quality.

No SMT factory is identical, and that makes this a very individual choice. At CORE-emt we take pride in guiding our customers in the best direction for your SMT company.


New SMT technology

Naturally there is a lot of benefits and advantages when you invest in new technology. Production speed, quality and meeting the new requirements when working with SMD components and SMT production.

By lifting your SMT technology into 2018 standards, you will ensure that your production will run more reliable, increase capacity and be cost effective now and many years to come.


From second hand to new technology

Just this month COMTEC OY in Finland made in collaboration with CORE-emt a choice to step up their game and purchase a new Yamaha pick & place mounter.

They choose the pick & place mounter with the world’s fastest mounting technology. The Yamaha YSM10 Compact High-speed Modular Surface Mounter which will give them the advantage of being up to date on all present SMT components such as 01005, BGA or even large connectors. At the same time COMTEC OY can introduce 100% intelligent feeder platform.

Previously, COMTEC OY has purchased a second hand printer and loader from CORE-emt.

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SMT exhibition | 5th – 7th june

Are you attending the SMT Hybrid Packaging exhibition in Nürnberg in june? The sales team from CORE-emt are attending.

There are several exciting news from Yamaha, BTU, ACHAT5 and StorageSolutions.

You can find our products here:

Is there a specific machine you would like to look into, or maybe you would like us to guide you regarding a good machine investment for your company, we recommend that you make an appointment with us.

We look forward to seeing you.

Steen, Peter og Kai
The sales team, CORE-emt

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We are merging with SMT Solutions ApS

We Would like to welcome Søren Tranberg here at Core-emt A/S

Søren & Steen

Søren & Steen

– With the approach of Søren Tranberg from SMT Solutions ApS, Core-Emt A/S offers a very broad portfolio of products with more exciting news on the way, we now cover an even larger segment.

“I am also pleased to be able to offer customers from SMT Solutions ApS new opportunities and, not least access to Core-Emt A / S ‘strong service organization, says Søren Tranberg, sales director at Core-Emt.”

Read more about the merge in the official press release:

Pressrelease Core-emt A/S


E-mail: Soren@Core-emt.com



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