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Gazelle status

At Core-EMT we’ve received a Gazelle statuette because of our growth over the last 4 years.


A gazelle is a company that over four consecutive years have experienced significant growth and overall at least doubled its revenue over the four years. Something that we are proud of and which we will continue to build on.

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Our new Colleague!

Meet our new colleague Kai Koivunen.

Steen & Kai

Steen & Kai

Kai comes from Finland and will be responsible for developing and maintaining our sales in Finland. Kai has been in Denmark and has been shown around the company, as well as in the company’s products and sales methods.


We are happy to welcome Kai! 



E-mail : Kai.koivunen@core-emt.fi


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CORE-emt A/S introduces Akrometrix Thermal Warpage & Strain Metrology

akrometrix-logo                       ps600s

Akrometrix is a leading provider of metrology equipment and test services for determining thermal warpage and strain of semiconductor wafer, die, PCBs and packaging substrates. Their equipment and software solutions help the user to assess, using visual 2D and 3D graphical models as well as structured data, how your product reacts to reflow temperature cycles that the product is subject-to during assembly.

Warpage and Strain, when measured at room temperature, can only give a limited amount of root-cause data regarding defects. Defects such as shorts, opens, head-in-pillow and cold solder joints can develop during the thermal reflow process. Akrometrix’s “at-temperature” solutions provide real-time feedback and analysis as to the behavior of substrates and materials in the reflow equipment.

Akrometrix is able to offer a full-field assessment of more than a million data points at any temperature between -50ºC and 300ºC, in less than two seconds, on substrates as large as 600mm x 600mm.

Measurement Technology

  • Shadow Moiré
  • Is a non-contact, full-field optical technique that uses geometric interference between a reference grating and its shadow on a sample to measure relative vertical displacement at each pixel position in the resulting image. If you want to learn more, press here


  • Digital Fringe Projection (DFP)
  • The DFP Module compliments the shadow moiré technique by adding step height measurement capabilities at high data point density. This technique is particularly useful for measurement of connectors, sockets, assembled modules and PCB local areas. If you want to learn more, press here


  • Digital Image Correlation (DIC)
  • Primary use: Measures in-plane strain and displacement of surfaces over temperature. Strain data can be used to calculate average CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion). If you want to learn more, press here


  • Studio Platform
  • Akrometrix Studio is an advanced set of integrated software modules that work together to run all Akrometrix equipment. If you want to learn more, press here


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AIRTOX Safety Shoes

We have now become the distributor of AIRTOX Safety Shoes


At CORE-EMT, we focus on quality and that is why we have also chosen to become a dealer of Airtox safety shoes, which is a strong brand within the industry and as apart from a nice and contemporary design, is always at the forefront of the latest developments in technology and materials. We offer the latest models as well as older popular models in our webshop.

Look here at our selection -> http://webshop.core-emt.com/product-category/airtox-esd-shoes/


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