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New Website and Webshop at CORE-emt


We are pleased to introduce you to our brand new website in a new user-friendly design. Here you will continuously see news from both the company and our products. It is now possible to sign up for our newsletter , so that you can get the news in your mailbox.


With our new wenshop it is now possible to buy some of our products. It is possible to buy paper for screen printers, spare parts for the Yamaha ES – feeders and Nozzler . We naturally strive to continuously update our shop with new and exciting products for the electronics industry .


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Mini Screen Printer



Repair equipment when solder cannot be applied to the PCB but has to be printed on the component instead.



  • Screening of paste to QFN or adding new solder balls to BGA components.
  • The component can be removed from the topside or underside.
  • Ideally using vacuum extraction if from the underside.

Included/Start kit

  • Mini screen printer and screen plate with required footprint
  • Brass plate insert for component placement
  • Thin shims to cope with thickness deviations

Available with and without bottom plug. With a bottom plug, the component can be removed via the underside by vacuum extraction.

For yderligere information venligst kontakt:

Allan Aalestrup. Sales

Mobilnr. +45 3017 8214


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New Sales Representative at CORE-emt


The 1st of October we have recruited Allan Aalestrup as a representative in Sales. Allan has many years of experience in sales to the electronics industry.

Allan’s responsibilities will be sales of:

High-precision etched stencils and squeegees, as well as items in sheet metal for many different applications

ESD products: Clothes, soldering equipment, storage systems and complete workstations.

Para Tech Coating: Unique patented polymer coating technology. Resistance to include oils, acids, bases, and general corrosion. The technique is developed by NASA for the aerospace industry.

HD inspection equipment and microscopes from Optilia.

We hope you will have a good co-operation with Allan

Contact Allan Aalestrup

Mobile No.: +45 3017 8214


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HD Inspection Cameras and Mikroscopes from Optilia


We are pleased to offer our customers in the electronics industry, a product range for High End HD Inspection Cameras , Microscopes and equipment for BGA Inspection .

OP-019 156_BGA Exclusive kit

The products are from Optilia ,  with whom we have just started to work together with. If you want to know more about the product range , please contact our man in sales , Allan Aalestrup on mobile no .

+45 3017 8214 eller mail: allan@core-emt.com

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European sales partners attended Yamaha Annual Sales Meeting


Yamaha Motor IM Europe, SMT division, unique supplier of The Total-Line-Solutions, announces that it held its annual European Sales Meeting from 15 to 17 September 2015. More than 40 sales agents from across all Europe and colleagues from Yamaha participated at the three-day event at Yamaha Motor IM Europe facility in Neuss, Germany.

As in the previous years, Yamaha’s event was far more than only an informative and social meeting. The 2015 meeting theme was centered on creating predictive sales through a new Yamaha sales region organization.

The presentations had the focus on technology, products innovations, processes, and sales and leadership initiatives which will support Yamaha achieving long-term success. New products and innovations across Yamaha best in class full range were presented, machines demonstrations were taking place and open and frank dialogs were exchanged.

Yamaha Motor has a long and well-known history of applying intelligent technology to drive strategic success in electronic manufacturing market and is very pleased that its European agents are joining Yamaha unique insight into how sales leaders can harness predictive sales intelligence to grow revenue and profit.


Apart from the focus on exchanging sales strategies and sharing positive experiences, the audience of Yamaha Sales Meeting 2015 joined social programs where they have also enjoyed cheerful and lively atmosphere at dinners while savoring different culinary tastes.

All Yamaha sales partners as well as the complete Yamaha team showcased their entire satisfaction and their full enthusiasm at this event. With renewed strength and commitment, they are ready to face the task of continuing to increase Yamaha European Market share. A satisfied Mr. Ichiro Arimoto, SMT Business Group Manager YIME said in his closing statement “Yamaha Sales Meeting 2015 achieved the establishment of a solid strategy aiming a continuous future growth and we very much look forward to the next European sales meeting to be held in 2016.”


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