IS-I-700 Modular

  • Footprint 5m²
  • Flux-Module
  • Preheat-Module
  • Soldering-Module or 2x Soldering-Module
  • Automatic width adjustment of the conveyor
  • PCB`s up to 700x700mm
  • InterSelect PhotoScan Editor
  • Windows PC with swiveling TFT Monitor
  • Customer-friendly process visualization
  • Remote maintenance and network capability
  • Pump unit and solder bath made of titanium
  • Maintenance-free micro drop jet fluxer
  • Fast and accurate positioning X, Y, Z Axis system
  • Full-surface (700x700mm) and adjustable IR – preheating from bottom and topside
  • Lowest energy costs only 1,3 sqm N2 consumption per hour

  • IS_I_700_Modular
  • InterSelect Modular systems consist of a flux module, preheat module and solder module. These modules can be set one behind the other in which our customers can adjust the system to their needs. Despite the small footprints of just 5m² for the IS-I-700 Modular soldering system can accommodate very large boards of 700x700mm - space efficiency is second to none! As Inline systems with automatic width adjustment of the conveyor, all IS-I-700 modules can be integrated in a production line or between a PCB loader and unloader. Variants: Two IS-I-700 S soldering modules