IS-T-460 S

  • Footprint 1.9m²
  • Soldering area from 460x460mm, PCB`s up to 650x460mm
  • InterSelect PhotoScan Editor
  • Windows PC with swiveling TFT Monitor
  • Customer-friendly process visualization
  • Remote maintenance and network capability
  • Pump unit and solder bath made of titanium
  • Maintenance-free micro drop jet fluxer
  • Fast and accurate positioning X, Y, Z – Axis system
  • 460x460mm full-surface and adjustable IR – preheating from bottom and topside
  • Lowest energy costs only 1,3m³ N2 consumption per hour

  • IS_T_460_S
  • The system IS-T-460 offers proven InterSelect technology and quality from Germany for entry into selective soldering on an extremely economic base. This is the challenge we’re facing with a radical design change which also results in smaller footprint requirements (1.9m²) of the machine. Special care was taken that process-quality-related modules from the high-end Inline systems such as solder pot, MicroDrop Fluxer and axis system could be used in this small system. The integrated Windows 7 PC runs the familiar, user-friendly Software. Additionally the system already includes one of the best offline solder programming software, the IS-PhotoScan. The IS-T-460 is able to process PCBs up to 460x650 mm at the same speed (200mm/s) like machines with way greater demands on the budget. The ability for remote maintenance reduces service times dramatically so the customer saves a lot of time and service costs. Configuration The turnkey-machine is set up and installed easy and can start production right after uncrating. Fluxer The MicroDrop-Jet Fluxer has a Flux-Tank with pressure control and accepts alcohol- and water-based flux types. With an accuracy and repeatability of ± 0.1mm the micro-drop Fluxer reaches a speed of up to 200mm/s. Preheater The optional Top- and Bottom-Preheater with infrared emitters can be adjusted depending on the board size to ensure energy-efficient production. While preheating a pyrometer control measures the exact temperature right on the PCB surface and continuously regulates the heating power. Solder Pot All InterSelect selective soldering machines have a Titan solder pot which can handle all kinds of solder alloy. By default the machine is equipped with nitrogen insertion and cover. The intelligent setting makes maintenance and cleaning of the solder pot and the solder simple and quick. PC and Software The machine has an integrated PC running Windows 7 and pre-installed machine software. The soldering software features 3 password protected user levels and is designed with an emphasis on intuitive operation.