YAMAHA YS24X – Compact High-Speed Flexible Modular

  • Versatility to handle components ranging in size from 0402*3 to 45mm × 45mm and a maximum height of 15mm, while also achieving an outstanding mounting capability of 54,000 CPH (0.067 sec./chip: Under optimum conditions as defined by Yamaha Motor)
  • Compatibility with the sATS 15-tray × 2 magazine automatic-replacement tray supply unit (option) to enable supply of a larger variety of component types
  • Multi cameras fitted with vertically adjustable side lights. This enables accurate verification and mounting of ball-electrode type components BGA/CSP*4.
  • Coplanarity checker to detect irregularities in electrode height and direction to ensure reliability of connections for a large number of component electrodes, including QFP/large SOP and BGA/CSP
  • Compact external dimensions of 1,254 mm in width and 1,687 mm in depth. Depth of 2,020mm when coupled with the sATS tray component supply unit
  • Capability to handle super-large PCBs (printed circuit boards) (L700 × W460mm) to answer market needs for large flat panel TVs and LED light fixture PCB and large industrial-use PCB mounting
  • Compatibility with the electric-drive intelligent tape feeder “SS Feeder” that employs microcomputer control to provide high-speed components supply and high-accuracy components positioning, thus ensuring excellent job setup efficiency and enabling job failure prevention functions
  • High Mounting Quality Guaranteed
  • Actual Operating Ratio increased by Ease of Maintenance
  • Achieves Superior Ease of Operation
  • Safety and Environmental Considerations

  • The new YS24X achieves excellent productivity in relation to surface area and great versatility with its capability to accommodate a wide variety of electronic components, including irregularly shaped components up to 45mm × 45mm and 15mm in height. Despite its compact platform with a width of just 1.25 m, this model has two multi-heads on independent beams with each head having 10 nozzles in an in-line configuration to achieve a superior mounting capability of 54,000 CPH*1 (0.067 sec./chip: Under optimum conditions as defined by Yamaha Motor) and also has the capability to accommodate extra large PCB (printed circuit boards), up to L700 × W460mm. What’s more, this model is complete with the optical verification functions and lighting to enable detection of defects and flaws of all ball electrodes and a coplanarity check*2 function, a large-sized nozzle station designed to hold a large number of nozzles to accommodate a wide range of electronic components and compatibility with the sATS 15-tray × 2 magazine automatic-replacement tray supply unit (option) to enable great flexibility in application.