About us

Get to know CORE-emt 

Founded in 2011 by Steen Haugbølle.

About CORE-emt

CORE-emt supplies the modern electronics production with high-end quality equipment and service. We are among the leading suppliers and exclusive distributor of YAMAHA products. In addition, we also work closely with Achat5, BTU, Essegi, Smart Sonic and Renex.

The total supplier

We believe that the market demands total solutions. Therefore, our product range includes products for the complete SMD production line.

At the same time, we take ownership on all our tasks. We do not use subcontractors for installations and service, but only employees of CORE-emt. This means we can always provide the specific solution that the customer demands on an academic and constant high-quality level.

Service Specialists

We strive to have technicians on all products within our range. All service technicians have undergone training and certification in each product, so we ensure that the latest technology and knowledge always is present in CORE-emt.

In other words, we are not service technicians. We are service specialists.

The history of CORE-emt

Steen founded CORE-emt in 2011 because he saw a need for a SMT machine supplier with a different approach. He had a vision to create a company on 3 CORE values:

  • Highest quality

  • Heartfelt relations

  • Accessibility

A strong SMT partner

CORE-emt offers more than to provide high-end quality equipment and service for the modern electronics production. Our professional knowledge, quality products, high service and close dialogue with our suppliers support organizations makes us a strong partner for your business.