Tape guide, YAMAHA ZS feeder - spare part - 16 mm


Need a new tape guide part for your 16 mm YAMAHA ZS feeders?

We deliver only original YAMAHA spare parts, like this tape guide yamaha zs feeder 16 mm spare part.

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    Shop tape guide for 16 mm yamaha zs feeder as a spare part

    The Tape guide is placed at the top front of the 16 mm ZS feeder, it serves to guide the reeled components and to remove the tape in a one stop one workflow. Shop original YAMAHA tape guide for 16 mm yamaha zs feeder.  

    A YAMAHA ZS feeder is compatible with the YAMAHA YSM10 and all YSM20 Pick & Place machines. As an exclusive YAMAHA supplier CORE-emt offer original YAMAHA spare parts e.g. the spare part tape guide