YAMAHA nozzle 306A / 317A


YAMAHA nozzle 306A / 317A is suitable for MELF resistors & other cylindrical components

For YAMAHA mounters: YSM20 / YSM10 / YS24 / YS24X / YS12 / YS12F

    This combination does not exist.

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    YAMAHA Nozzle 306A / 317A 

    The YAMAHA SMT nozzle for cylindrical components; MELF resistors. 

    The nozzle head of the YAMAHA 306A / 317A nozzles have a nozzle tip is Ø 3 mm with a V-cut that enables pick-up of a round cylindrical component
    That is why the YAMAHA smt 306a / 317a nozzle is one of the most used nozzles.