440-R SMT detergent, concentrate, stencil cleaner

    This combination does not exist.

    Amount: 18,93 liters / 5 US gallon

    440-R SMT detergent is best suited for cleaning and removing solder paste, SMD adhesives and flux residues from:
    - SMT stencils
    - screens
    - misprinted PCB's 
    - pallets
    - tools that needs cleaning from solder paste

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    440-R SMT detergent, concentrate, stencil cleaner

    This stencil cleaner concentrate can be used in all aqueous stencil cleaner machines, spray-in-air, ultrasonic and spray-under-immersion. Smart Sonic’s 440-R SMT detergent eliminates unpleasant odors, solvent vapors and VOCs, shortens cleaning cycles, and cleans at low temperature to conserve energy and protect stencils.
    Winner of the SMT Vision Award and Global Technology Award for Best Cleaning Chemistry.

    Award winning cleaning Chemistry

    Is the only stencil-cleaning chemistry verified by the U.S. EPA for specific parameters of environmental safety, user safety and cleaning efficiency and is the only stencil-cleaning chemistry to 'survive the test of time'. The 440-R SMT stencil cleaner detergent was introduced in 1990 and is the only chemistry able to clean all solder pastes used in SMT assembly.

    download 440-R SMT datasheet >>