SYS-CLEAN 100 wipes, stencil + steel surface cleaning

SYS-CLEAN wipes with 100 cloths

Wipes that are best suitable for:
- pre-cleaning of SMT stencils
- cleaning unhardened adhesive & solder paste
- cleaning stainless steel surfaces
- cleaning squeegees, spatulas, etc.

    This combination does not exist.

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    Stencil cleaner wipes SYS-CLEAN 100 wipes 1.0

    SMT cleaning wipes designed especially for cleaning off unhardened adhesive & solder paste. Note that the cleaning wipes are soaked in SYS-CLEAN STC1.0 detergent.
    The SYS-clean wipes 1.0 are from the company SYSTRONIC. Known for their durable products feel safe using systronic wipes.  

    Data sheet on SYS-clean wipes 1.0