SYS-CLEAN ST2.0, ready to use, stencil cleaner

SYS-CLEAN ST2.0 – ready to use solution

ST2.0 is best suitable for cleaning:
- SMT stencils
- soldering frames & devices
- furnace parts and filters.

    This combination does not exist.

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    Stencil cleaner ready to use SYS-CLEAN ST2.0

    The SYS-CLEAN ST2.0 – ready to use version - will clean your SMT stencils from solder pastes and adhesive residues at room temperature.

    The SYS-clean ST2.0 is not only a SMT stencil cleaner - also misprinted PCB boards is no hazzle for SYS-CLEAN ST2.0 detergent that removes the misprinted solder paste in cleaning systems with spray in air or immersion process as well as ultrasonic cleaning.

    Download Sys-clean ST2.0 data sheet