YSi-X - AXI Inspection

YAMAHA AXI inspection | X-ray inspection

5 inspection functions in the YSi-X:
3D X-ray inspection, 2D X-ray inspection, Optical inspection, Infrared inspection & Laser inspection.

YAMAHA AXI is the optimal inline PCB x ray machine for PCB assembly line inspection.

Inline quality AXI inspection is made easy with this X-ray machine from YAMAHA. The YSi-X will give you fantastic assembly line X-ray PCB inspection.

 -  AXI inspection machine: 5 functions in 1 unit

YAMAHA AXI inspection machine: YAMAHA YSi-X   x-ray

  • Manual: semi-automatic or fully automatic X-ray inspection

  • Modular: low-maintenance all-metal tube

  • Simple assembling of the handling units using the EasyClick principle; 3-axis manipulator, can be extended to include 6 axes

  • All axes can be controlled by CNC

  • Quick and easy angular inspection with high image quality through optional use of flat panel detectors

  • Inspection object positioning in optical general view

  • Analysis software for BGAs, wire-sweeps, area defects

  • Can be upgraded to computed tomography

  • Worldwide competent service: on site, hotline and remote support