Soldering reflow ovens

Pyramax convection ovens

SMD solder reflow ovens

Now available in all of Scandinavia

Pyramax - expect a hard-wearing reflow oven 

All ovens have stainless-steel construction & lifetime warranty on heaters and blowers.  

Why Pyramax reflow ovens?

SMT reflow soldering with an oven from BTU you can expect even heat regardless of board size. It’s made possible by a smart side-to-side recirculation (in a closed loop) that gives the Pyramax reflow ovens consistent and unmatched convection heating and cooling.

Though maximum soldering temperature is as high as 350 degree Celsius in a standard a Pyramax reflow oven, it has a superior cooling performance. 

A patented and smart flux residue system can be integrated in all Pyramax models. Leading all flux residue into easy reachable waste containers that will keep the excess flux from settling in the heating chamber. This makes maintenance possible while production is running.