SMT line assessment

An exclusive SMT line assessment service for OEM and EMS company's
A day with CORE-emt where you and your production get our undivided attention to achieve the SMT production line you dream of.  

SMT line assessment that will make you work smarter - not harder

Work smarter - not harder

Do you have a particular challenge or a recurring issue you can't get rid of?

It just keeps repeating it’s self? 

Book a line assessment and get insights, knowledge, advice, support and help to work smarter. 

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Find the right way to go with SMT line assessment

What is the best way to go?

SMT production is in our blood. We live and breathe it - surface mount technology is our passion.

That makes CORE-emt the right sparring partner for a help, support, advice and guidance about your SMT production.

Let us help you to take a step back, and see the  situation from a new angle. 

Get ready for the future with SMT line assessment

Are you ready for the future?

No one knows what the future holds for the SMT business.

But at CORE-emt we know that you have to work smart to achieve a resilient and reliable SMT production line and supporting equipment that works at high speed, combined with the workflow that matches your company.

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- and we'll take a look at the assembly line challenge you are facing