PCB conveyors for board handling

Load, unload, buffer, traffic control and other conveyors for PCB assembly line

PCB board handling with a PCB conveyor

Find the right PCB conveyor that will give you perfect PCB board handling

PCB loader & unloader board handling for assembly lines

Loader & unloader

PCB loading & unloading | See our selection of single loaders, dual PCB loaders and pcb unloaders single and dual. We also offer PCB destackers.

PCB conveyors for PCB assembly

PCB transport

PCB transport throughout the line | See our selection of conveyors to transport PCB's within your assembly line. We offer linking conveyors and gate conveyors. 

PCB buffer board handling for automatic PCB assembly

PCB buffers

Board handling with PCB conveyor buffers | See our selection of PCB buffer conveyors, both Nutek buffer towers and regular Nutek buffers. 

Board handling conveyors is a crucial part of a smooth running SMT line. From the  loader and destacker  to other PCB conveyors like the  PCB buffer , pass and fail sorters, flip and unloader. PCB board handling is a assembly line key player.

We offer the full range of  NUTEK board handling conveyors  including code-reader conveyor, work-station conveyor and inspection conveyor. All our PCB board handling conveyors ensure safe handling practices  for your printed circuit boards.

PCB workstations conveyors is inline board handling for PCB assembly

PCB workstations

Board handling | Find our inline workstations for visual inspection, manual assembly work and repair activities while the pcb is still in assembly line. 

price on board handling for PCB assembly lines

Need help or a price?

We know all about conveyors | It's always nice to talk to an expert that have your best interest at heart. At CORE-emt - we are like that.

PCB cleaners board handling for automatic PCB assembly

PCB cleaners

See our PCB cleaner conveyors - the optimum way to board handle and ensure the best starting point for screen printing. 

PCB traffic control conveyors for PCB assembly

PCB traffic control

See our selection of traffic control conveyors. Nutek turn conveyors, Nutek inverter and flip conveyors.


Nutek presentation

Tailor-made conveyor solutions | NUTEK are devoted to designing and producing durable PCB assembly conveyors that are made on the base of customer needs.

  PCB board handing - transporting your PCB from A to B within your SMT line

We offer reliable PCB handling from Nutek that excel in assembly line conveyors.  

Transporting PCB's safe from A to B takes the right PCB handling conveyor in between the 
SMT production equipment .  

Our most sold board handling units are the  pcb loader  and the  pcb unloader .

Nutek have a huge range of assembly line conveyors that include  Nutek laser markers , Nutek PCB cleaners, Nutek buffers and Nutek traffic control. 

If you are looking for a PCB conveyor that is not visible on our website please  contact us  or

Download our NUTEK brochures to see the complete NUTEK conveyor range. You find the Nutek brochures to download above on this page.