SMT inspection of PCBs

Assembly line PCB quality inspection with SPI - AOI - AXI inspection | Automated inspection made by recognition with robotic technology for SMT assembly lines.

SMT inspection with SPI AOI AXI

SMT inspection with SPI, AXI, AOI & Automated Vision Inspection of your PCBs 

AOI YRi-V type HS

New high speed AOI from Yamaha SMT. It offers a 25 megapixel camera, is precise and super fast. The perfect AOI to any SMT line that requires the absolute best.

YAMAHA YRi-V AOI inspection with YAMAHA inspection machine for PCB assembly

AOI inspection YRi-V

AOI inspection for mass production | This super fast YAMAHA AOI unit has the industries fastest inspection speed, and it offers a wide range of inspection setups.


AOI lenses compare

AOI inspection insights | The best AOI lenses, FOV time and narrow space inspection depends - what is important and best in your pcb assembly production?

To keep quality of your PCBA production at it’s best you need good inspection of your boards. For efficient and detailed in-depth board inspection ensure you have  SMT inspection equipment that meets your needs. 

Both AOI Automated optical inspection, SPI Solder Paste Inspection and automated 2D X-ray Inspection will give you the information to fix errors and optimize your boards to make your output quality at its highest.

SMT inspection by AOI PCB inspection with optical inspection machine for PCB assembly line

YSi-V AOI inspection

Optical PCB inspection | This Automated Optical Inspection machine gives you 3 AOI functions in one unit. It deliver versatile and durable AOI SMT inspection.

Find help to find PCB Inspection machinery with SMT inspection for PCB assembly

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Inline PCB Inspection is our thing | Inspection of PCB's in your production line is an important step to keep high product quality.

YAMAHA SPI inspection with YP-01G-Y

SPI inspection

Dive into the the new solder paste inspection system that with advanced SPI features offers 2D + 3D inspection, warpage compensation and much more.

2D x-ray PCB inspection with x-ray machine for PCB assembly SMT inspection

2D X-ray inspection

X-ray inspection | Clear and useful x-ray inspection images including diameter, angle info, distance etc.