SMT dictionary

& SMT abbreviations

In the Surface Mount Technology business there is alot of abbreviations. Some everyone know - others you need to look up.

What does SMT mean? and have you heard about SMA, SMC or SMP?

EMC                 Electromagnetic Compatibility

EMI                   Elektromagnetic interference

SMA                  Surface-mount assembly (module assembled with SMT)

SMC                 Surface-mount components (components for SMT)

SMD                 Surface Mount Devices

SME                  Surface-mount equipment (SMT assembling machines)

SMT                  Surface Mount Technology

SMP                  Surface-mount packages (SMD case forms)

SMD is Surface Mount Devices that often is reels
SMT abbreviations - what do they all mean?

What does EMS mean? and what is SPI? 

EMS     Electronic Manufacturing Service

OEM    Original Equipment Manufacturer

AOI      Automated Optical Inspection 

AXI      Automatic X-ray inspection 

SPI      Solder Paste Inspection


ESD     Electrostatic Discharge 

PCB     Printed Circuit Board