SMT dictionary

& SMT abbreviations

In the Surface Mount Technology business there is alot of abbreviations. Some everyone know - others you need to look up.

What does SMT mean? and have you heard about SMA, SMC or SMP?

EMC                 Electromagnetic Compatibility

EMI                   Elektromagnetic interference

SMA                  Surface-mount assembly (module assembled with SMT)

SMC                 Surface-mount components (components for SMT)

SMD                 Surface Mount Devices

SME                  Surface-mount equipment (SMT assembling machines)

SMT                  Surface Mount Technology

SMP                  Surface-mount packages (SMD case forms)

SMC is a surface mount component for SMT production
SMT abbreviations - what do they all mean?

What does EMS mean? & what is SPI? 

EMS     Electronic Manufacturing Service

OEM    Original Equipment Manufacturer

AMF      Auto Mount Feedback 

AOI      Automated Optical Inspection 

AXI      Automatic X-ray inspection 

SPI      Solder Paste Inspection


ESD     Electrostatic Discharge 

What does CPH stand for?

CPH                Components Per Hour

PCB                 Printed Circuit Board



SMD is Surface Mount Devices that often is on reels