Service & maintenance

Service and maintenance on assembly line equipment used by OEM and EMS companies

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— Service on SMT machinery —

CORE-emt is at your service! 
We aim to provide the best service in the SMT industry

CORE-emt's in-house service team perform installations, service & maintenance visits and provide both on-call support, connected remote support & on-site services. Our in-house service engineers are located in several countries.

Apart from offering machinery the complete SMT line, we take pride in offering the best SMT service and support for our costumers on SMT line machinery and other SMT equipment.



Inhouse service team performs installations

Service & maintenance


Inhouse service team perform service & maintenance 



On-call support, connected remote support & on-site support 

3rd part


We also offer service on some 3rd part SMT equipment

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We are here to service & support you

We offer and perform on-site support. Contact the Service department to book on-site support.

Note: To reduce downtime and eliminate some on-site visits, we recommend you take a look at the Connected remote support, that could be a good option for your company.

The Connected remote support is a smart connection box, you purchase and have in your factory. The Connected remote support box provides a secure encrypted webservice that enables a CORE-emt service specialist to access your equipment, server or network.

Simply plug the connection box into the equipment, server or network in your factory that need our support. No software is installed, and it even works on off-line equipment or in closed networks.

Issue solving, that earlier required an onsite visit, can now in many cases be solved off-site I with CORE-emt’s ‘connected remote support’.

Contact our Service Department if you want to know more about the Connected remote support option's possibilities and price.

We offer on-call support as an assistance service and support.

In some cases, it on-call support is a booked a service, that ensuring a specific service specialist as at your call in the agreed period of time. 

In other cases, it on-call support is an urgent issue that need on-call professional assistance.

This system gives our customers easier access to the CORE-emt service team. The ‘Support & issue solver’ system is made to provide you and your colleagues transparency, documentation and full overview of your company’s ongoing and solved support and issue cases. 

Note: First time users will have to contact our Service Department to get access to get the Support & issue solver system. 

As an extra service and support sublimit CORE-emt continuously develop their own useful quick guides & cheat sheets on topics we experience our customers would benefit from.

The cheat sheets & quick guides are handed out when needed as a part of service & maintenance visits or training courses

CORE-emt support options like this connected remote support
CORE-emt connect remote support illustration
CORE-emt service team

Meet the service team

The CORE-emt service team consists of 3 inhouse Field Service Engineers and a Service & Process Trainee that handle our installations, service, maintenance and support cases.

Presenting from left; Randika, Guido, Kurt & Nicklas. 

We service

We service YAMAHA SMT machines
We service BTU reflow ovens
We service Nutek conveyors
We service Storage Solutions by Essegi Automation
We service Achat5 pcb conveyors

Service contracts

A service contract run with a 1 up to 3 year duration

  • Includes all maintenance parts
  • Startup support after service
  • Free hotline support
  • Free software updates
  • Free backup service
  • Automatically renewed unless termination

'A service contract will secure that you always have the newest software on your unit, furthermore you'll have a smoother running line, when service is scheduled according to your service contract'

Steen V. Haugbølle
Managing director, CORE-emt A/S

Service contract on smt line equipment