YAMAHA SMT software

Software solutions from YAMAHA SMT  | The YAMAHA SMT software will make your assembly line more efficient and add valuable extra features and functions to your SMT line. 

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YAMAHA SMT software is outstanding assembly line software

YAMAHA SMT software solutions - assembly line software that lifts SMT production line performance

We don't believe in huge software packages were you only need 1/3 of the functions - we tailor the software solution into a package based on what you really need. Perfect SMT production software for you.

The new YAMAHA SMT factory software, called YsUP, offers 6 powerful software packages; Programming & Scheduling, Production Assistance, Monitoring, Traceability, M2M Collaboration & Maintenance.

Handpick the needed and useful functions you need from YAMAHA factory software solutions to your SMT line-up. This is the flexible way to a good SMT software solution.

Check out the YAMAHA YsUP electronics production software packages

YAMAHA SMT software for SMT programming


YAMAHA YsUP Programming & Scheduling | A strong toolbox for SMT programming with simplified data import & conversion, programming supported by 3D visuals and smart production planning.

YAMAHA SMT software for SMT setup & SMD supply

Setup & SMD supply

YAMAHA YsUP Production Assistance | Bulletproof barcode setup validation system confirms correct SMD, feeder type & setup locations. Tools to prevent usage of expired SMD & other intelligent SMD supply tools.

YAMAHA YsUP software for SMT traceability


YAMAHA YsUP Traceability | Allow users to trace and analyse component mounting quality throughout production and make detailed queries on past assembled products.

SMT software help? We are here to guide you

To find the right software solution for your assembly line - you need professional help and guidance on what each software package can do for your production line.

YAMAHA software for SMT monitoring


YAMAHA YsUP Monitoring & Analysing | The "M-Tool" software package is for monitoring your assembly line. It monitors performance on floor and line, line control & remaining SMD. 

YAMAHA YsUP Machine to Machine collaboration software

Machine 2 Machine

YAMAHA YsUP M2M collaboration | Lift your SMT production line to higher levels by utilizing M2M collaboration to perform, feedback & correction between machines, automatic job change-overs and so much more. 

Support & service

YAMAHA YsUP Maintenance | A package of support services from on demand remote support and onsite visits, to more preventive measures as service contracts with scheduled maintenance visits onsite.