YsUP YAMAHA assemblies software solutions

The YAMAHA YsUP assemblies’ software is the strong successor to the YAMAHA Y.Fact software

YsUP YAMAHA SMT software & tools

Presenting the new YAMAHA assemblies’ software; YsUP (YAMAHA’s Unique & Proven software) that is packed with new smart features that will ease the operability, workflow and improve accuracy and efficiency. 

The new useful software features and powerful tools are divided into the 6 YsUP software packages, to give you an easily understandable overview over the many tools gathered in each package.

YAMAHA YsUP featured software news:

  • YAMAHA YsUP comes with a new graphical interface, that alongside the improved user experience and usability also visually displays component to support the creation of error-free component data. 

  • YAMAHA YsUP displays have made it easier to see the mounting status of components by displaying the PCB data in a 3D.

  • YAMAHA YsUP allows you to work with two screens open at the same time (multi-monitor support) to obtain comfortable operability. 

  • YAMAHA YsUp supports linking of YAMAHA SMT machines to equipment made by other companies, to provide all-around high productivity in the mounting process.

Working with YAMAHA ysup software

The workflow with YAMAHA SMT software YsUP

Workflow drawing of YAMAHA YsUP software for pcb assemblies

The YAMAHA YsUP software is divided into 6  packages

The SMT tools in the software package will be combined and tailored individually
for each and every OEM factory and EMS company 

Programming & schedule

Production assistance


Monitor & analyzing


M2M & solution



The right SMT software solution for you

 Because we compose each YAMAHA software solution based on the individual customer present and future needs, there will always be an individual configuration of the assembly line software - no matter which YAMAHA software package you choose.

Contact us for SMT software guidance, more information or a demo on the YAMAHA YsUP software.

Let us guide you towards the right assemblies software solution