Yamaha SMT monitoring package

Real-time SMT assembly line monitoring & analysis
with Yamaha YsUP Dashboard

Yamaha SMT Monitoring package

All-in-one SMT manufacturing monitoring, controlling and analysing your SMT production - both on each line and on all lines on the factory floor with the YAMAHA YsUP Dashboard software.

The YAMAHA YsUP software is YAMAHA SMT's new software platform.


Real-time live production dashboard

Real-time monitoring of each SMT line & the whole production floor gives you instantaneity access to line status, pick-up rate, line efficiency, operating ratio, etc.

With access to the Overall Equipment Effectiveness [OEE] and output quality conditions the Live production dashboard is a super useful tool overall.
You can also dive into more specific topics by setting up customizable thresholds to your own parameters allowing you to easily understand issues or failing conditions in the running production.

The live production dashboard display can also be customized to display the data most useful in your production.

Production analytics dashboard

The production analytics dashboard visualize data collected by intelligent algorithms. The data will enable you to improve your SMT assembly line performance and workflow by analysing and learning from the data collected from your SMT production. 

The graphs and models in the analytics dashboard, is highly needed by SMT Production Managers and Process Engineers to find the production issues and successful production flows.

With unique data from your productions Overall Equipment Effectiveness and quality conditions of your PCB manufacturing process, you can measure, analyse and learn about production performance, find issue causes and remedy the issue.


Questions about the YsUP Dashboards in the YAMAHA SMT monitoring package?

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