What we train is what we do

Training courses on SMT line equipment  
& software training

Learn best practice SMT operation on the machine in question. Everyone who complete a training courses on SMT line equipment or programming from CORE-emt will receive a certificate for their achieved new skill.

SMT training courses on SMT machinery
Hardware training

Training on the actual machine

We offer hands-on product training on our entire product range. The training is performed by our skilled inhouse Service engineers. 
Product training is, for the most part, performed in our inhouse showroom on the actual machine. The CORE-emt showroom serves as a calm learning environment. 

To get the most out of your SMT machinery investments ‘training is the key’. All training provided by CORE-emt is for the most part offered in two levels: 

User / Primary training 
Comprehensive training - a build on to the primary training

Invest in new employee training - and get the most our of your new employee

Give new employees the best start.
 Book a training course to ensure the necessary skills to operate & work with your SMT line is present from day 1.

Book training

Get in contact and book training on SMT line equipment that we offer in machinery range.
We also offer software training and training days for new employees.

Software training

Software training

Learn how to make programs for your YAMAHA Pick & Place machine, YAMAHA AOI, YAMAHA SPI, YAMAHA Screen Printer and BTU reflow oven is essential to achieve a smooth running assembly line.

We offer software training:

  • Onsite at CORE-emt HQ  or at your company

  • Remote by using Microsoft teams

Software training at CORE-emt is typically performed in two levels; Primary training and Comprehensive programming / software training.

SMT programming training performed by CORE-emt