AOI inspection with the YAMAHA YSI-v vision

YAMAHA YSi-V  - AOI inspection

YAMAHA AOI inspection machine with 3D optical inspection and 2D Optical inspection.

The YAMAHA AOI machine with more than double the AOI inspection capability than ordinary AOI inspection systems. 

Components status after mounting + components and solder paste status after reflow soldering. Mobile judge is available with YSi-V AOI vision. 

- 2D + 3D inspection | AOI machine: 3 functions in 1 machine

Automated Optical Inspection at is best with YSi-V

  • 2D High-speed and high-resolution by 5 methods: Brightness, infrared, color, shape and laser

  • 2-dimensional inspections

  • 3D Height, and sloped surface by slope and height of surface

  • 3-dimensional inspections (option)

  • 4 direction = 4-way angular camera (option)

  • Utilizes a dual lane system (option)

  • Applicable PCB L 610 x W 560 mm (maximum) to L 50 x W 50 mm (minimum)

  • Applicable for L 750 mm longer PCB (Option)

  • Machine size: L 1.252 mm x W 1.497 mm x H 1.550 mm

  • Machine weigh: 1.300 kg