AOI inspection with the YAMAHA YSi-V vision

YAMAHA YSi-V  - AOI inspection

YAMAHA AOI inspection machine with 3D optical inspection and 2D Optical inspection for PCB assembly.  You can use this AOI in your SMT line or as a separate unite.

Perfect AOI inspection of components status after mounting + components and solder paste status after reflow soldering. Mobile pass and fail judge are available on this YSi-V AOI unit.

The YAMAHA AOI machine with higher AOI inspection capability's  than ordinary AOI inspection systems. AOI for mass production assembly lines see YAMAHA's YRi-V unit. 

- 2D + 3D inspection | AOI machine: 3 functions in 1 machine

Automated Optical Inspection at is best with YSi-V

  • 2-dimensional inspections
    2D High-speed and high-resolution by 5 methods: Brightness, infrared, color, shape and laser.

  • 3-dimensional inspections (option)
    3D Height, and sloped surface by slope and height of surface 

  • 4 direction = 4-way angular camera (option)

  • Utilizes a dual lane system (option)

  • Applicable PCB L 610 x W 560 mm (maximum) to L 50 x W 50 mm (minimum)

  • Applicable for L 750 mm longer PCB (Option)

  • Machine size: L 1.252 mm x W 1.497 mm x H 1.550 mm

  • Machine weigh: 1.300 kg