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There are many options, when you need new production equipment. We have a range of different possibilities to offer together with our financial providers. 

Financing and return on investment

When upgrading and investing your SMT production there is a lot to consider.

Financing advise from Steen on new SMT machinery and new technology

Return on investment (ROI)

Making an intelligent investment calls for expert help. It is crucial for you as a costumer to have all data available and calculated, making sure you have the best prerequisites and a clear financing understanding. 

At CORE-emt we'll calculate the return on your investment. By holding what you GAIN from the investment up against the COST of investment.  


What is the best way to go for you? Buying, leasing or renting the new machines for your SMT production.

Note that any machine quote from CORE-emt can be supported with an offer for financing. 


First option

Owning your SMT equipment is appealing for most companies. In the long run this is often the most cost efficient solution.


Second option

Leasing is an option for you that need a flexible solution where upgrading to new machinery is made accessible and easy.


Third  option

Renting SMT equipment will make higher quality equipment accessible for all. It will give you access to machinery otherwise out of reach. 

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