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We deal YAMAHA SMT machinery as a exclusive YAMAHA SMT supplier


As an exclusive distributor of YAMAHA SMT equipment we are one of the leading suppliers for the EMS and OEM industry. Offering Yamaha's wide range of SMT machines from dispenser, screen printers, pick & place, inspection and Yamaha SMT line software. 


Reflow ovens from BTU

BTU International

World class reflow ovens from BTU International reflow ovens ranges include PYRAMAX and Aurora. We offer the full range of both.

Storage solutions

SMD storage systems | The storage solutions from Essegi offers the smart storage system, that can be used as single cabinets or as a complete logistic system.

Nutek board handling conveyors for PCB assembly buy it from CORE-emt


PCB board handling | We display a selection of our most sold NUTEK PCB conveyors that offers you perfect board  handling throughout the SMT line.

SMT Stencil cleaners, solder frame cleaners and PCBA cleaners from Systronic


SMT cleaning solutions | Systronic 
produces excellent PCBA cleaners, Stencil cleaners, Solder frame cleaners and detergent.

X-ray component counting machinery from Techvalley


X-ray component counting units | High tech x-ray component counting machinery that is fast and accurate like never seen before.

CORE-emt offers JBC soldering stations and tips

JBC soldering tools

Soldering & rework devices | We offer the full range of soldering and rework stations, cartridges and soldering tips from JBC the soldering company. 

Supplying electronic production with ESD products from Reeco

Reeco equipment

ESD safe products | Reeco ESD workstations, clothes & ESD safe equipment.

Buy Bimos chairs from CORE-emt


A world for quality chairs for ESD area, cleanroom, laboratory and work enviroments.

C.K tools

ESD hand tools such as assembly pliers and other precision tools for electronics production.

Production equipment and soldering robots from I.C.T


SMT Production equipment | I.C.T offers soldering Robots & various production equipment.

Supplying electronic production with ESD products


Supplying electronics production | We partner with and offer all RENEX's ESD products.

Humidity control cabinets from Mekko

Mekko technologies

Humidity control cabinets | See all mekko dry cabinets with humidity for sensitive SMD components.

Humidity control cabinets from Dr. Storage

Dr. Storage

Humidity Control Cabinets | See all Dr. Storage dry cabinets / baking cabinets for SMD storage.

SMT board handling conveyors by ACHAT achat5


PCB board handling | ACHAT5 conveyors for PCB assembly.

VARTA batteries are sold by CORE-emt


Batteries used in electronics productions.

Above you see a complete list of our business partners

To supply OEM & EMS companies with SMT machinery we partner with the brands you can find above. 
We do so to offer you a complete SMT line machinery, great supporting SMT units and SMT extras.