Reflow ovens

Soldering with precise heat and cooling will give you the best workflow. 
 A BTU reflow oven is in-line PCB soldering at its best.

SMT reflow ovens for PCB assembly

Inline SMD soldering with an AIR reflow oven or in a NITROGEN reflow ovens

High volume soldering on a SMT production line requires a reflow oven to secure precise continuous heating temperature and a high-speed workflow.

Assembly line soldering with unmatched reliability and high flexibility in SMD soldering ovens ensures you get a high soldering output at high speed.

150 Aurora BTU reflow oven

BTU Aurora 150N

> NEW reflow oven platform <
Discover BTU's latest innovation, the Aurora reflow oven - the first oven unveiled as a part of their new Aurora platform.

150 Pyramax reflow oven

BTU Pyramax 150

Extra large - reflow oven | Top of the line Pyramax reflow oven from BTU with huge capacity.  For you that require extra high reflow soldering productivity.  

125 Pyramax reflow oven

BTU Pyramax 125 

Large - reflow oven  | The large BTU Pyramax AIR or NITROGEN reflow soldering oven from BTU with large soldering capacity.

BTU Pyramax 100 reflow oven

BTU Pyramax 100

Medium - reflow oven | Middle range NITROGEN or AIR soldering reflow oven from BTU International with good capacity.

Expert help on soldering reflow ovens

Reflow oven advice

Steen knows about reflow ovens | It's always nice to talk to an expert that have your best interest at heart. The CORE-emt team are like that.

Pyramax 75 air reflow soldering oven

BTU Pyramax 75

Small - AIR reflow solder oven | Economy soldering AIR reflow oven from BTU with good capacity even though it is the smallest Pyramax reflow oven.

SMT reflow oven options, downloads & videos

Other types of soldering machines

THT soldering

Wave soldering | We offer many types of soldering machines. Along side the reflow soldering ovens above we also offer wave solders.

We also offer other soldering options than the reflow ovens

Soldering robots

Apart from the reflow soldering ovens on this page we also offer soldering robots both as inline and off line soldering options.

Solder reflow ovens from BTU International. Their SMT soldering reflow ovens are called Aurora and Pyramax. You can see all PYRAMAX and Aurora reflow ovens above.