The PCB reflow oven PYRAMAX 100n from BTU

A nitrogen soldering reflow oven

BTU Pyramax 100N reflow oven

This top quality nitrogen reflow oven from BTU have a lifetime warranty on heaters and blowers.

Verify temperature in the PCB reflow soldering process with the Profile Guardian. An option that allows continuous oven heat monitoring and board level traceability.

A soldering reflow oven. The Pyramax 100N has 8 heated zones making this a middle sized reflow oven in the range BTU Pyramax range.

  - Total length 4.648 mm

About BTU Pyramax 100N reflow oven

  • Nitrogen reflow oven

  • Total length 4.648 mm

  • Heated zones: 8 top & 8 bottom zones

  • Maximum temperature: 350°C  (option: 400°C)

  • Heating length: 2.540 mm

  • Cooling length: 711 mm 

  • Option: Profile Guardian - a board level traceability tool to verify temperature download flyer

  • Low maintenance

  • Flux management system

  • Innovative cooling system

  • Lifetime warranty on heaters and blowers

A look into the reflow soldering chamber in the Pyramax 100N reflow oven

The BTU Pyramax 100 n open before inline soldering in an PCB assembly line

Dual lane soldering setup in the BTU Pyramax 100N reflow oven

A view into the PYRAMAX 100N with dual lane running at different speed

Download PYRAMAX 100n nitrogen reflow oven specification sheet

BTU Pyramax 100N spec sheet

Datasheet on 100N reflow oven
Download to find all BTU pyramax 100 n specification on perfect smd reflow soldering. Get all info on the BTU Pyramax 100N nitrogen smd reflow oven.  


BTU reflow oven compare video

BTU are experts in reflow ovens both air reflow ovens and nitrogen reflow ovens. The Pyramax 100n is nitrogen oven. Learn more about the BTU reflow ovens in the video.

Price on PYRAMAX 100 n or more guidance we can help you

BTU Pyramax 100N price or more info?

Soldering with the Pyramax 100n reflow oven could be perfect for you, but it all depends on your production needs. Let's take a constructive talk to see if it's right for you.