Soldering by hand

High quality hand soldering is performed on soldering equipment that support the soldering technician best.

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Efficient hand soldering with JBC soldering systems 
using JBC soldering tips

Explore the complete range of JBC soldering systems & tools with more than 500 JBC soldering tips to the JBC compact soldering systems

JBC soldering station brochure also called the JBC station guide

Soldering station overview from JBC

Download the JBC soldering station guide to get the full overview over the JBC soldering stations: 
Rework stations, JBC preheaders, Hot air stations, Preheater plates, wire strippers and the complete tool range for high precision soldering.

What JBC product are you seeking? We can help to find the JBC soldering station and JBC soldering tip you need

What JBC product are you seeking?

We are always happy to assist and guide you towards the soldering station or solder tip that will support your production best.
Do you want a hands-on-experience we invite you to visit our showroom at CORE-emt HQ.

JBC soldering tips overview & JBC cartridge catalogue

JBC soldering tips & JBC cartridge

Dive into the huge cartridge and soldering tip range, that offers you more that 500 different soldering tips to choose from.

In the front of the tip guide brochure, JBC offer advice on how ideal soldering is performed.


Always keep an eye on the heat transfer abilities. - How low heat can you solder by?
The poorer tip heat transfer, the higher you need to set your soldering iron, and thereby effect soldering quality and in the worst cases ruin other sensitive devices on your PCB.

Perform nano soldering with a nano JBC soldering systems

Explore nano soldering systems from JBC

Nano soldering by hand is an artform that requires exceptional tools, that supports  nano soldering of e.g. 0201 components  at highest precision.
The premium JBC nano soldering systems is designed with nano soldering tips that also supports soldering at lower temperatures and comes with ergonomic nano handles. 

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Extend soldering tip life by factor 5 by using a JBC soldering tip

Extend soldering tip life by factor 5

Just as heat is crucial for the soldering, equal as important is cooling and soldering at lower temperatures to extend soldering tip life.

JBC soldering tips smart heat algorithms control and ensures both rapid heating and cooling.

JBC soldering systems can lift productivity & soldering quality

Lift productivity & soldering quality

Give your soldering technician the optimal working conditions, so they can lift productivity and soldering quality.
A JBC soldering station comes with an intelligent heat system, that not on only heat up to 350º C in less than 2 seconds, but also quickly lowers the soldering tip temperature (automatically in sleep / hibernate mode) when not being used.