SMD count & print equipment

The fast way to count your components on reels, sticks, snippets etc.

SMD Count & print machines

Keep count on your SMD components on reels

A precise SMD component count is the overview that can reduce stops in production due to component lack, make production flow better and give you a more lucrative production.  

This makes a SMD components counter very relevant - so pick the right  SMD component reel counter to keep an   accurate SMD component count on every reel. 

X-ray chip counter for sale

Hawkeye 2000

X-ray component counter | Counts components with 99,9 % accuracy on reels, stick, tray, etc. Techvalley delivers yet again remarkable counting speed and accuracy.

Component counting machinery for sale

Prices or questions?

Get personal assistance | We have a deep understanding about SMT production and the smart way to count SMD components.

SMD component machine that also can print the components on the tape


The worlds first count & print unit | Get a closer look at this smart unit. It can save you lots of time. You'll always know how many components you have on your SMD reels.