X-ray component counter  Hawkeye 2000 

Accurate & fast X-ray component counter

With easy operation the Hawkeye 2000 can - with 99,9 % accuracy - detect and count reels content e.g. diodes, capacitors, resistors, regulators etc., tubes, trays, bulk, snippets, splicing, ESD bags and so on.

Hawkeye 2000's smart update system, enable counting results to be uploaded to database straight from the touch screen.

The counter also comes with 'back & white list', automatic barcode reader (option), Polygon 'region of interest' drawing and manually quantity adjustment features. Download the Hawkeye brochure to read more about the new features.

- Inspection time: 8 sec (1 reel) or (4 reels counted simultaneously)

The manufacture Techvalley has been improving their X-ray Component Counter series since 2013, and are current on the 6th generation on component counters. 

  • Inspection:
    Accuracy: 99,9%
    Smallest SMD detection: 0201 metric / 008004" imperial
    Inspects in 3 modes: 1 reel - 4 reel - etc. inspection mode

  • X-ray tube:

    Voltage: 55 kV

    Power: 110W

  • X-ray detector:

    Size: 430 x 430 mm FPXD

    Pixel Pitch: 200 ㎛
    Resolution: 9,4 mega pixel

  • Component entry: front (stage) door 

  • Screen: touch screen

  • Label printer: on the front

  • Barcode reader: on the front

  • Machine size: 900 x 1.579 x 1.828 mm

  • Machine weight: 660 kg

World’s best X-ray component counter technology
• Counts up to 4 reels (180 mm) simultaneously
• Highly reduces SMD counting time (labor costs) and kitting times
• Increases inventory management time
• Reduces SMT line down-time

Automatic component counting
• Reel max size: 4 reels - 180 mm
• Reel max size: 1 reel   - 380 mm
• ERP / MES integration
• No damage to components or reels during counting

Safety features
• Real-time external radiation leakage detector (<1 µ Sv /h)
• Double door prevents radiation leakage
• Light curtain sensor system for the front (stage) door, stops the door immediately and shows warning sign on the monitor if e.g. a hand is detected
• Interlock system for safety. Hawkeye2000 cuts the power to the tube immediately if the door is opened by force / accident . Also it shows a warning sign on the monitor. When the front (stage) door is open, the tube cannot start.
• Fully CE Approved