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Supporting the organisation Child foundation; PLAN Børnefonden

Susan - a part of the CORE-emt family

Susan is from Kenya and she a part of the CORE-emt family. We sponsor Susan's schooling and her healthcare.

We do so through the child protection foundation: 'PLAN Børnefonden'. 

They also work to protect children like Susan long-term by ensuring children's rights and equality for girls in the worlds poorest countries. 

CORE-emt supports families with cancer-affected children

Families with canceraffected children

All of us know a cancer victim and know how cruel & devastating the illness can be.

160 children under the age of 14 are diagnosed with cancer every year in Denmark.

We proudly support the organization Families with cancer-affected children foundation: 'Familier med Kræftramte Børn' and have done so since 2014.

CORE-emt house a heart defibrillator

Together we can save lives

At CORE-emt we have a defibrillator 'hjertestarter' hanging in our receptions area.
If there is an emergency in the area our defibrillator is available for everyone within our opening hours.

Read more about the 'You can save lives' program and find defibrillator locations around Denmark on their official homepage:

Life saved - must be lived

The 'Brain injury association' works to improve conditions for families that struggle with the consequences of a family member who has acquired a brain injury. The main goal is to secure that the life that was saved, will be lived as a good life.

We gladly support the 'Hjerneskade foreningen' organization and we are proud to contribute to their meaningful work with information, support, counseling, activities, networking groups and political work to secure that their conditions and rights are being taken care of. 

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IRONMAN Aleksej Calmann

We are impressed by Aleksej. Impressed by his determination, strength and ability to push boundaries to reach his goals. 

That is why CORE-emt are proud to sponsor Ironman triathlete Aleksej Calmann.

We learn from his determination and hard work, so it is a pleasure to help and support him in make his dream of winning in the World Championship on Hawaii come true.

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CORE-emt sponsor Aleksej Calmann