Hand soldering equipment

JBC soldering stations & JBC soldering tips is found here alongside the rest of the JBC tools product range 

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SMT extras that make your production thrive

Sometimes the little SMT extras that have the greatest impact

On our SMT extras palette we offer SMT extra equipment for repair and rework on your boards. It is are best performed at flexible ESD worktable with a supreme soldering station that gets the job done.

In the SMT extras section we also offer service and maintenance visits that ensure that your production is up and running, and training courses that ensures best practice operation. 

Design your own ESD tables and ESD workbenches from Reeco

ESD work tables

Design you own workbenches
Play around with the different ESD work table configurations. We also offer e.g. ESD trolleys.

JBC Soldering systems and JBC soldering tips for your soldering irons PCB assembly

Solder like a pro

JBC soldering stations & tips
Solder like a pro - use JBC soldering tips / JBC cartridges & JBC soldering stations.

A woman sitting an a work chair in a work situation

Work chairs

Office - Lab - Cleanroom & ESD chairs 
Every working environment demands specialized ergonomic chairs for optimal comfort, productivity and safety.

As an extra SMT service we provide training courses

Training courses

Learn best practice operation
We offer training on our entire product range. Get in touch if you need operator training on machine, M2M interaction or software training.

Need assistance?

We offer guidance on SMT extras like ESD workbenches, JBC soldering stations etc.
Contact us for SMT extras guidance, info and prices.

a part of our SMT extras are our service team

Let us serve you

Inhouse service team at your service
CORE-emt's dedicated and skilled service team that handle product installations, service, maintenance, on-site support and on-call tasks.

As an extra service we have a SMT showroom

Visit our showroom

Want a closer look at your SMT equipment?
We invite you to come and have look at the SMT equipment we have on display at our headquarters.

We take great pride in proving the SMT extras you need 
We offer a wide range of SMT extra items and services to ensure you have access to what ever smt extras you need.