CORE-emt - complete SMT line supplier

- A strong SMT partner -

CORE-emt offers

At CORE-emt we supply OEM and EMS company's in the electronic industry with Surface Mount Technology assembly line machinery & equipment in Scandinavia & the Baltic region. 

Furthermore our in-house service department offers skilled service on SMT machinery onsite, training & machine demo at our showroom at HQ.

YAMAHA machinery

We are the exclusive supplier of  YAMAHA SMT  assembly line (SME) equipment. 

DispensingScreen Printers, Pick & Place, Software packages and Automated Optical Inspection, X-ray & solder paste inspection:  AOIX-ray & SPI
We offer the 
complete line-up from CORE-emt - the YAMAHA SMT machinery supplier.

We are specialists

We excel in all high-end SMT machinery & SMT equipment that gives you a smooth-running assembly line. 

We offer the  complete SMT line-up with PCB  board handlingreflow ovens, wave solders, supporting SMT units, SMT shop & SMT extras that will impact the line productivity in a positive way.

Complete SMT line supplier that offer the complete smt line for pcb assembly

Complete SMT line supplier - CORE-emt the assembly line machinery supplier

With CORE emt as your SMT partner you get a complete SMT line supplier that offers SMT machinery to the modern SMT assembly line

As a complete SMT line supplier we offer all SMT line-up machinery, SMT supporting units, SMT extrasFinancing & an SMT shop..

CORE-emt - a exclusive sole SMT line supplier of YAMAHA SMT machinery  BTU reflow ovens Nutek conveyors  in Scandinavia & Baltic region.