Flexible SMD storage system where multiple towers can be connected. This mean easy expansion, possibility to have e.g. your own entry for incoming goods and one entry for pick-ups. 

Note that SMD entries can be in separate rooms and have connection to the Storage system with conveyor.

With a SMD storage solution from Essegi you will get a logistics solution out of the ordinary. It gives you an exact inventory overview and it will reduce your inventory space by up to 70%.

Automatic reel picking and fast & easy returns of used SMD reels in 'safety trays' that contribute to a component saving workflow.


Gathering SMD components in no time.


Gather the right components the first time around.

Storage Space

Space saving SMD storage by 70% 

Open software

Works with any ERP system and any Pick & Place machine.

Safe handling

Component saving workflow by 15%


Easy & fast storage extraction & returns of used reels.