Essegi ISM 3600 storage solution to store SMD components

SMD Reel storage with Essegi ism 3600

Tower storage ultraflex 3600

Take your SMD reel management to the next level with our ISM 3600 storage tower, capable of holding up to 3,620 reels.

Timesaving - ultra low operating time: 
Extraction: 27 reels in 60 sec operator time
Insertion: 54 reels in 60 sec operator time

With the essegi ISM 3600 storage solution the reels are marked up with a bar-codes that secures error free SMD handling for your upcoming job.
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  - Store 3620 pcs 7" reels on 70% less floorspace | Software & integration >

About tower storage ultraflex 3600 - SMD Storage Solution

Storage Solution tower ISM 3600

  • Maximum capacity 3620 reels with 7" reels

  • Height of the reels freely configurable up to 88 mm.

  • 24" Touch screen

  • Humidity control: Optional (HCU + FRU available)

  • Machine size:  W 2,525 m x D 1,672 m
    - Operative height:  2,48 m - adjustable feet 110 mm 
    - Transport height: 2,35 m

  • Machine weight: 1.133 kg (empty) | Full of cases 1.685 kg.

  • More about Server software & integration >

ISM 3600 capacity examples

  • 3620 reels  |  7” reel*

  • 900 reels  |  13/15” reel* 

  • 1920 + 426 reels  |  7” + 13/15” reels*

*Note that the example is made with different reels heights (up til 88 mm as that is the maximum tray height).

Storage solutions workflow includes ultraflex 3600 storage towers

Essegi storage solution workflow including ISM3600

Reel extraction from tower storage ultraflex 3600

Gathered SMD components by the ISM 3600 storage solutions system

Reel check with PDA

PDA to the ISM 3600 storage solution system from Essegi

Essegi 3600 ultraflex storage solution spec sheet to download

Download ultraflex 3600 brochure

3600 ultraflex storage solution brochure with spec sheet to download or to print with more information on this Essegi reel storage tower.


Storage ultraflex 3600 video demo

Get an introduction into how the storage solution ISM 3600 ultraflex works. It's going to give you a look into how the unit works.

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