ISM server software workflow

ISM server software 

SMD storage solution software

Our software seamlessly connects your SMD storage solution to your ERP, MES, WMS, and pick & place systems, providing a real-time overview of your SMD materials. 

Enjoy instant SMD material availability at the right place and time, efficient material traceability and SMD expiration management. 
Keep your SMD inventory up-to-date with a comprehensive overview of all available materials, all centralized in one easy-to-use reference tool.

  - Intelligent workflow with advanced SMD storage software integration

More about our SMD storage solution software​

The ISM Server software is a versatile management tool for all Storage Solutions products, serving as the key integration point with your corporate software systems.

ISM Server Software is packed with these powerful modules:

  • MSL Management: regulates internal RH within Essegi towers. The module provides complete monitoring, traceability, and reporting of values for individual components.

  • Connections with Pick & Place: enables bidirectional communication for product creation, quantity updates, and replacement materials requested by the line.

  • Dynamic Warehouse Management: allows control, dynamic management, and tracking of materials stored on shelves or other externally labeled positions with unique codes, and the creation of areas for specific functions (e.g., Baking, Dry areas, Refrigeration).

  • Buffer/ supermarket management: the efficiency of storage space by ensuring materials needed for scheduled production are always available in the Buffer/Supermarket area. Full reporting of status and operator tools to effectively manage buffer materials.

  • Advanced material receiving: automates the receiving process and combines with the UID labeling to save time and error-proof the process. Interface with ERP significantly reduces the steps in the process and provides a document archive and full traceability.

  • Dashboards: provide real-time information to operators on the system’s status and performance with a clear and intuitive interface.

  • Automated material handling: autonomous delivery of materials to/from the storage towers and throughout the factory using Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs). User definable delivery stations in locations such as receiving, areas, and production lines.

ISM server software comes with a wide range of option s

  1. Work order control

  2. Alternative part management

  3. Traceability with photo archive

  4. Approved vendor list management

  5. Purchase order matching

  6. Location tracking with mobile devices

  7. Material picking with mobile devices

  8. Feeder setup verification

  9. Feeder setup display

  10. Smart watch app

  11. Solder paste management

  12. Baking process management

  13. Mobile auto-incoming and label printing

  14. Box, pallet and case traceability with CASE BOX functionality

  15. Connection with X-ray inspection systems

    More information about the options is found in the brochure you can download. 

SMD storage solutions ISM server software brochure to download

ISM server software brochure

Download our ISM Server Software brochure to learn about the SMD Storage Solutions workflow from a detailed illustration and discover more details.


Storage Solution workflow video

See how the ISM Server Software 'in action' as it connects the Storage Solutions units enabling intelligent SMD picking, handling, logistics and storage.

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