YAMAHA SMT Pick and Place machine

A YAMAHA SMT pick and place machine will give you accurate mounting at high speed

Take a closer look at YAMAHA premium range of Pick & Place machines. Known for their accurate and efficient SMD mounting at a high speed that comes with a superior pick and place programming software.

YAMAHA Pick & Place machinery from YAMAHA is a fantastic choice for your assembly line. 
Get it right the first time - pick a YAMAHA SMT Pick and Place machine. 

Supporting components as tiny as 0201 metric code the YAMAHA pick & Place machines are future proof.

YAMAHA SMT mounting with P&P machinery

When mounting SMD components onto PCB's with YAMAHA pick and place machinery we can guarantee you will get fantastic precision combined with high speed.

A YAMAHA pick and place machine smd are known for it's ability to place a broad range of chip components with a selection of SMD mounting heads and P&P Nozzles - even the small components. 

Surface Mount Technology component placement systems are commonly known as a SMT pick & place machine or a SMT mounter.