Yamaha dual-lane modular

YAMAHA YRM20DL dual lane pick and place

This Yamaha dual-lane pick and place is ideal variable mix / variable volume  PCB assembly production. Offering low-impact mounting from a selection of 3 mounting heads, that enable you to mount from 008004" (0201 mm) up to large odd shape SMD. 

The dual lane opens up for new mounting possibilities e.g. the supporting mounting innovation (illustration is found below) that enable the mounting heads to 'help each other' on both lanes. 

  - 120.000 CPH with RM head / 18 nozzles

About YAMAHA dual lane pick and place; Yamaha YRM20DL

YAMAHA YRM20 dual lane pick and place 

  • PCB´s size  |  dual-stage specifications:

    - 1 PCB conveyor:   L 810 x W 610 mm   -   L 50 x W 50 mm

    - 2 PCB conveyors: L 810 x W 330 mm   -   L 50 x W 50 mm 

  • Supports the super tiny component size: 008004" (0201 mm) Learn more > 

  • Maximum feeder count: 32 feeders x 4 FES carts = 128 ps. 8 mm feeders

  • Mounting heads:

    - RM rotary head with 18 nozzles
    - HM multi-purpose head with 10 nozzles
    - FM flexible head with 5 nozzles
    More info about the Yamaha mounting heads >


  • Large mounting capability:

    - with RM - 120.000* CPH   

    - with HM - 100.000* CPH
    - with FM  - 35.000 CPH
    *  High-production mode

  • New interface & Yamaha YsUP SMT software packages ensure improved operability during setup, production & changeovers

  • Automatic Pin Support according to mounting program

  • Nozzle cleaning station & nozzle maintenance warnings

  • Camera with boosted speed and component recognition

  • FES cart for feeder setup, carry, load and feeder exchange  

  • Overdrive motion between the 2 heads enable supporting mounting innovation.

  • Machine size: L 1.374 x W 2.102 x H 1.445 mm

  • Machine weigh: approx. 2.550 kg.

    For more specifications and info download the YRM20 dl brochure below.

 The YRM20 r pick and place unit works in collaboration with:

​Supporting mounting innovation --NEW -- 
Preparation work (transportation, fixing, etc.) for the next PCB can be performed in 1st lane, while the 2nd lane still mounts. Allowing the head from the 1st lane to immediately move to mounting action on the 2nd line, reducing time loss from waiting / standby.

The arrows indicate movement of the mounting head 

​Supporting mounting innovation with YRM20 dual lane


Yamaha dual-lane mounter brochure

Download the Yamaha YRM20dl brochure with more in depth info
Here you can dive into how the YRM20 dl can lift your SMT line. Learn about all the new SMT features of Yamaha dual lane mounter; Yamaha YRM20 dual lane.


Yamaha YRM20 DL  introduction video

Get a visual presentation of the YRM20 DL video with lots of informative info
We invite you to take the visual introduction to the Yamahas dual lane modular. Come along and we will show you many new features and specifications.

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