YAMAHA stick feeder

YAMAHA SMT multi stick feeder

The stick feeder comes with a multi base that have an air supply on the left side, to create vacuum that holds the component to be picked next in place. The YAMAHA component pick up is performed by a YAMAHA nozzle.

The YAMAHA multi stick feeders will take up 12 (8 mm) feeder slots on the FES cart.   

This SMD stick feeder is made for components in sticks and is compatible with YAMAHA SMT Pick & Place machines.

- Vacuum holds the component in place for pick up

  • YAMAHA multi stick feeder

  • Ultimate feeder solution for components in sticks 

  • Single position adapter

  • Vacuum for each position

  • Setup made easy with SMD sticks 

  • Easy SMD stick removal with no component loss

  • Feeder adapters: 16 standard types of the stick feeder adapters to accommodate the widest range of components:
    - SO8-1

    - SO8-2

    - SO8-3

    - SO14-1

    - SO14-2

    - SO16-1

    - SO18-1
    - SO263-X  /  D2PAK

    - MSOP8-1

    - TSSOP16-1

    - TSSOP24-1

    - SSOP28-1

    - SSOP48-1 

    - TQFN24

    - PLCC28

    - TGAMX

  • Compatible with mounter: YS / YSM series

  • External dimension Approx. : L 505 x W 400 x H 220 mm

  • Weight: Approx. 4,5 kg