YAMAHA SMT | Auto Load Feeder (ALF feeder) 

The ALF reel feeder for YAMAHA SMT pick & Place machines with only 5 seconds loading time.

Supply tape components by merely inserting the tape, all without stopping the machine. You can also replace a feeder during ongoing production.

A smart ‘open at the center’ technique on the ALF feeder is reducing part pick-up errors that happen due to static electricity. 

The ALF feeder is during production placed in a FES cart and from there the Pick & Place machines nozzles do component pick-up from the ALF feeder.
You can use the ALF feeders on YAMAHA YS / YSM / YRM series mounters with tape-cutter.

  - 2 reels can be set at once / loaded simultaneously.

  • ALF Auto Loading Feeder

  • Feeder variations: 4 types of the ALF feeder to accommodate components: 1005 to 3216; 
     S  (1005),  M  (1608), L  (2012)  and  LL (3216)

  • Compatible with mounter: YS / YSM series with tape cutter

  • Tape loading time: Approximately 5 sec  (from tape feed start to pickup preparation completion)

  • Loadable minimum tape length: 400 mm or more

  • Compatible tape: Width 8 mm, Maximum thickness 1 mm

  • 8 mm-converted installation occupied width: 12 mm pitch

  • Applicable reel specifications:

    - Feed pitch setting 2 mm / 4 mm

    - Reel width 14.4 mm or less, φ382 mm or less

    - When using applicable reel holder, Reel width 13.6 mm or less, φ178 mm or less.

  • External dimension (excluding projections): L 549 x W 11.5 x H 278 mm

  • Weight: Approx. 1.50 kg