A flexible SMT production must be able to support components delivered in reels, trays & sticks

YAMAHA SMT feeders for PCB assembly

See our selection of YAMAHA feeders that support placement of components on reels, in trays and sticks

To be able to mount components delivered on either reels, in sticks or trays you need different component feeders to do so.

Below you see the different feeder types and the feeder cart that is available for the YSM20 and YRM20 pick and place machines.

The FES cart is a YAMAHA Feeder cart

Feeder cart

YAMAHA FES - Feeder exchange system cart | The FES feeder carts is a valuable part of Yamaha Pick & Place machine models YRM20 and YSM20.

Component reel feeders for PCB assembly

Reel feeder

YAMAHA ALF - Auto Loading Feeder | Avoid production stop, as the Yamaha ALF reel feeder lets you load 2 reels simultaneously.

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Tray component feeders for PCB assembly

Tray feeder

YAMAHA ATS - Automatic Tray Suppliers | See our selection of YAMAHA tray feeders that offers fixed trays & a tray exchange option.

Component stick feeder for PCB assembly

Stick feeder

Yamaha stick feeder | A flexible stick feeder that can be setup with 16 standard stick adapters.

YAMAHA SMT feeders for pcb assembly

YAMAHA SMT's range of component feeders play an important part in the efficient component placement, that YAMAHA SMT is known for.