YAMAHA YSM20r Pick and Place machine

YSM20r pick and place

YAMAHA Modular YSM20r is a efficiency and highly flexible pick & place machine that runs at amazing speed and unprecedented accuracy.

YAMAHA pick & place machinery is know for it's reliability. The YSM20 pick & place machine is no different. With a YAMAHA modular you can expect a durable high precision pick and place machine that performs impeccable.
The YSM20R have FES carts to carry reel feeders. 

The FES carts helps the operator to improve the YSM20 R modular productivity. There is also a YAMAHA YSM20w version of the pick and place machine. The YSM20w unit is for wide PCB boards. 

  - 95.000 CPH with dual beam with HM head / 20 nozzles

About YAMAHA YSM20r pick and place machine

YSM20R - a highly efficiency pick & place from YAMAHA 

  • PCB´s size: 
    - single lane: L 810 x W 490 mm   -   L 50 x W 50 mm  
    - dual lane: 2 x ( L 380 x W 490 mm )

  • Supports super tiny component size: 0201 metric = 0050025 imperial. Read more

  • Maximum feeder count: 140 types / 128 FES

  • Mounting heads:
    HM multi-purpose head with 10 nozzles
      supports  0201 mm to 55 x  100 mm  |  H 15 mm
    FM flexible head with 5 nozzles
      supports  03015 mm to 55 x 100 mm  |  H 28 mm 

  • 1 or 2 beam system

  • Large mounting capability:
    2 beam with HM - 95.000 CPH   ( 66.000 CPH  with IPC 9850 )
    2 beam with FM  - 34.000 CPH   ( 30.000 CPH  with IPC 9850 )
    1 beam with HM - 42.000 CPH   ( 28.000 CPH  with IPC 9850 )
    1 beam with FM  - 17.000 CPH   ( 14.000 CPH  with IPC 9850 )

  • Automatic Pin Support according to program

  • Nozzle cleaning station

  • High speed and versatility

  • FES cart for feeders 

  • Scalable speed configurations

  • Machine size: L 1.374 mm x W 1.857 mm x H 1.445 mm

  • Machine weigh: 2.050 kg

This YSM20 r pick and place machine is versatile so naturally you can pick different units and devices that suits your production needs.
Below you find some of the many options you have:

The Yamaha YSM20 setup for dual beam mounting

The Yamaha YSM20 setup for dual beam mounting

YAMAHA YSM20 r pictures and specifications can be downloaded here

Yamaha YSM20 R data

Datasheet on YSM20 R pick & place | Download a brochure with all, data, info and specifications on the YAMAHA YSM20 R Pick & place machine. 
In it you learn why YAMAHA YSM20R is a significant pick and place machine.  


Yamaha YSM20 video

SMT pick and place machine video | See the YSM20 R video from YAMAHA to really get a sense of how the pick and place machine YSM20R works. 
YSM20 R is a fast working pick & place machine - take a closer look in the video.

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