SMD tray feeders from YAMAHA SMT

YAMAHA ATS tray feeder

There are 3 types of YAMAHA tray feeders. YAMAHA ATS is short for Yamaha Automatic Tray Supplier. 

  • cATS 10r has 10 trays capacity - exchangeable with a FES cart
  • sATS 30 has 2 x 15 trays capacity
  • eATS 30 has 30 trays capacity - with a load function that allows reload of 1 tray while the assembly line is running

The SMD trays are placed on pallets that is held in the ATS magazine. The YAMAHA ATS feeders are compatible with the YRM20 pick & place machines.

  - ATS stands for Automatic Tray Supplier

About YAMAHA ATS tray feeder

  • YAMAHA ATS feeder = the YAMAHA tray feeder (option)

  • Ultimate component feeder solution for components in trays 
    - 3 versions of the ATS is available.

  • Compatible tray size: L 335 x W 230 mm or smaller

  • Compatible with mounter: YRM20 - YSM20R and YSM20WR have their own versions of tray feeders. Get in touch for more specifications.

    cATS 10r - flexible, possible to exchange to reel feeder cart

  • External dimension approx. : L 470 x W 998 x H 1.125 mm

  • Weight: approx. 145 kg

    sATS 30 - fixed supply unit

  • External dimension approx. :  L 557 x W 1.115 x H 1.550 mm

  • Weight: approx. 265 kg

    eATS 30 - fixed supply unit with non-stop tray replacement while running production

  • External  dimension approx. :  L 560 x W 1.340 x H 1.180 mm

  • Weight: approx. 290 kg

Here you see the mechanism within the cATS30 which collects the tray from the stack and supply inside the machine and makes components reachable by the pick & place mounting head.

If the YAMAHA ATS feeder is not for you we have other feeders e.g. for reels

Other feeder types

ALF feeder for reels | The ALF feeder is it a reel feeder you are looking for!
Displayed here is the YAMAHA Auto Load Feeder that enables loading new reels while production is running.


Tray feeder video

See the tray feeder in production | Get up close to a YAMAHA SMT tray feeder. All automatic Tray suppliers are made for components in pallets that are placed in the Tray feeder magazine.

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