Work chairs 

A cornerstone in a healthy and productive work environment is ergonomic chairs.

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Work chairs from bimos

Discover the perfect range of bimos work chairs tailored to various work environments: we offer  ESD chairs,   lab chairs,   cleanroom chairs and office work chairs

a woman sitting on a ESD work chair

ESD work chairs

We've simplified it for you and gathered our most popular ergonomic ESD chairs that enhance work environments and support higher productivity.

emplyees sitting in bimos work chairs in office

Office work chairs 

Work chairs for office and manufacturing environments, prioritizing design, comfort and ergonomic support. Download our top-selling chair models below.

Søren is ready to assist you towards your next bimos ergonomic chairs

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Say goodbye to discomfort and hallo to better posture and focus with bimos ergonomic chairs. Let me assist you in exploring fantastic work chairs.

What sets the bimos chair manufacture apart is their rigorous testing and ergonomic design, ensuring they deliver the sitting comfort and support you need for productive workdays.

Explore our top-selling work chairs on this page. If you don't see chairs that suit your requirements, simply reach out to us, and we'll assist you in finding the perfect work chair for your needs.

Lab chairs

Lab chairs

With lab chairs comfort and safety are essential during long hours of work. We offer ergonomic construction to ensure productivity and well-being in the lab.

Cleanroom chairs

Cleanroom chairs 

Explore our top selection of cleanroom chairs, meticulously designed with supreme ergonomic features to enhance comfort and support in your cleanroom.


Cut errors up to 20% with the perfect work chair

A quality work chair that provides optimal support, prevents fatigue and enhance endurance. Resulting in improved performance and heightened concentration of the employee seated - reducing errors up to 20%*.

* bimos source: Fraunhofer IAO publication on the world of work 'Arbeitswelt 2015 plus'.