SMT Showroom at HQ in Aars

Let us show you a complete line-up

Do you need SMT inspiration and an update on new technology? Take a walk through our SMT showroom with one from the CORE-emt team who can give you technical guidance. We are passionate about new SMT technology and high-end solutions which we know works.

Because you'll get a walk through our SMT showrooms with someone who can give you technical advice and know the business hands on, we can guarantee that you'll have good experience. 

We can’t wait to welcome you at our showroom.

In our two showrooms, we are ready to show you a wide selection of products ranging from YAMAHA screen printer, pick&place machine, storage solutions, stencil cleaner, AOI, SMART:count, Bott workstations, microscopes and X-ray.

You are always welcome

Contact us if you want to visit our showrooms