SMT Showroom & lounge

Complete SMT line machinery & line supporting units on display in our SMT showroom

YSD dispenser at display at CORE-emt



The YSD dispenser is on display at the CORE-emt showroom.

YAMAHA modular YSM20 on display at CORE-emt

Pick & Place


The YSM20 Pick and Place is on display at the CORE-emt showroom.

YAMAHA AOI on display at CORE-emt

AOI inspection


We have YAMAHA AOI vision inspection machine; YSi-V on display at the CORE-emt showroom.

Do you need SMT inspiration and an update on new technology? Take a walk through our SMT showroom and get insights and technical guidance. We are passionate about new SMT technology and SMT solutions we know will lift your production.

Because you'll get a walk through the SMT showroom with someone who can give you technical advice and know the business hands on, we guarantee that you will have a good experience.

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In our showroom, we are ready to show you a wide selection of SMT machinery ranging from YAMAHA screen printer, pick & place machine, storage solutions, stencil cleaner, AOI, Count & Print units, and X-ray SMT equipment.

Yamaha screen printer YCP10 is on display in the showroom

Screen printer


In our SMT showroom you can get a demo and a closer look at the YAMAHA Screen printer YCP10.

YAMAHA SMT setup software is also on display in SMT showroom

Setup station

YAMAHA Setup station

On display in the SMT showroom is also the YAMAHA setup station for kit up to a new job.

YAMAHA SMT software is also on display in SMT showroom

SMT software

YAMAHA SMT software

Get an introduction to the software packages or dive into a single YAMAHA software tools.

X-ray component counter is on display in showroom at CORE-emt

SMD counter

Hawkeye 1000

This X-ray component counter that counts SMD reels, sticks, snippets and more in only seconds.

SMD reel counter Smart count is on display in showroom at CORE-emt

SMD reel counter


Smart SMD reel counter that count SMD reels and print amount on the reel tape simultaneously.

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Sharing our passion for SMT equipment and all surrounding SMT production with you is a privilege.

Storage solution ISM MIS Material Incoming Station on display at CORE-emt

SMD incoming

ESSEGI incoming station

A SMD incoming station for Storage Solutions system for smart SMD logistics and handling.

ISM 1800 storage solution on display

Storage towers


A logistic wonder from ESSEGI. The Storage solution that will pleasantly surprise you.

JBC soldering stations and JBC soldering tips are on display showroom at CORE-emt

Soldering tools

JBC soldering equipment

We display a wide range of the JBC soldering tools; JBC soldering stations, JBC soldering tips, etc.

2 ESD workstations from RECCO is on display showroom at CORE-emt

ESD workstations

Reeco ESD tables & workbenches

On display is 2 Reeco ESD worktables. You can design & setup the ESD table of your dreams on our table configurator.

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YAMAHA virtual SMT showroom

The is 2 virtual YAMAHA SMT showrooms on displaying the range of YAMAHAs two series of SMT equipment they manufacture;  the newest plaform; YRM series and the procen YSM series.

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