SMD smart count and print machine

SMART count SMD components on reels

SMART count

You properly already seen how power cables are printed on, to show the electrician how much remaining cable there are. SMART: Count uses the same method - just telling you how many components are left on the SMD reel.

It also means that counting and printing on each reel is a one-time thing.

Just think how much time you can safe every day. Spend your work day at ease knowing that the SMART:count have marked up your reels with exact amount of components on each one.

  - Count and print will save you a lot of time

          About SMART count - the smart SMD counter

          For SMD component on reels

          • Increase stock count accuracy with the elimination of manual counts.

          • Reduce material handling and machine changeover times.

          • Eliminate disruptions in daily production line operation.

          • Reel Style: 12.7 mm bore

          • Maximum Reel Diameter: 330 mm

          • Product Pitch: 2, 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32 and 36 mm

          • Tape drive hole pitch: 4 mm

          • Minimum tape width: 8 mm

          • Maximum tape width: 56 mm

          • Unwind speed: Approx 600 mm/s

          • Printing speed: Approx 450 mm/s

          • Electrical Supply: 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz

          Print example on reel cover tape performed by SMART:count 

          amount of SMD components is printed on the tape covering the components

          Download flyer about how to SMART count your SMD reels with components

          SMART count flyer to download

          SMART:count spec sheet to download with more information on how the count SMD machinery can be a huge help when keeping inventory count and setting up for a new job.


          SMART count SMD reels demo video

          SMART count SMD reels while SMD amount is printed on the reel cover tape. Now makes components counting on reels a one time thing. As we say, do SMD counting the SMART count way.

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          We will help you | Count & print units is the smart way to count SMD components on reels. Do you have any questions about SMT 'Count & Print' machinery please contact us.