ISM 1800 ultraflex SMD Storage solutions machine from essegi

SMD Inventory, Storage & Management

ISM 1800 ultraflex storage tower

This SMD reel management system has a max capacity of e.g. 1.832 7" reels. The system is double reel system case / insert trays that hold the reels perfectly.

Every reel stored in the ISM 1800 tower are marked up with a barcode that secures error free SMD handling for your upcoming job.

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About ISM 1800 ultraflex storage tower

Storage Solution tower ISM 1800

  • Maximum capacity 1832 reels with 7" reels
    - height of the reels freely configurable up to 88 mm.

  • Touch screen

  • Humidity control: Optional (HCU + FRU available)

  • Machine size:  W 1,749 m x D 1,620 m

    - Operative height:  2,28 m - adjustable 110 mm feet 

    - Transport height: 2,21 m

  • Machine weight: 826 kg (empty) | Full of cases 1.105 kg.

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Download ISM1800 brochure below to find more information about this and other ultraflex storage towers.

ISM 1800 capacity examples

  • 1.832 reels  |  7” reel*

  • 452 reels  |  13/15” reel* 

  • 1036 + 200 reels  |  7” + 13/15” reels*

*Note that the example is made with different reels heights (up til 88 mm as that is the maximum tray height).

PDA from ISM 1800 from essegi used to verify that the operator is picking the right SMD reels after reel / SMD material extraction

PDA from ISM 1800 from essegi when picking the right SMD reels

The ISM1800 up close

Essegi ISM 1800 ultraflex up close notice the SMD reel extraction door

SMD storage ISM 1800 ultraflex SMD storage solution

Download ultraflex ISM 1800 brochure

ISM 1800 SMD storage solutions spec sheet to download. You can also compare it with the other Essegi reel storage towers in the brochure


Reel extraction video demo

See speedy SMD picking of the ISM 1800 Ultraflex. In the video you see the 1800's 'big brother', the 3600 tower, in action — it has larger capacity, but it works like the 1800 tower.

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