Understanding SMD size code

Imperial code VS metric code - SMD size difference?  Find out & get your free SMD size chart 

The two different ways to specify the component sizes can be a challenge even for buyers of components - we have made a free size chart to download - and explain you the difference.

Imperial code VS Metric code - SMD size chart

To help you understand the difference in size between Imperial components  & Metric component - we have made this visual SMD components size chart.

SMD size chart with SMD size code in Imperial and Metric. Download this SMD size chart.
What is the SMD size code difference between 0201 component imperial code vs metric code

Metric or Imperial components
- what is the difference in SMD sizes?

It can cause some confusion,  but it's actually very simple, as the number code on the component is the component size. This is the case both with Imperial or metric code:

  • Imperial code is in inches
    Example: 0201 imperial component. 
    This means that the component is 0,02 x 0,01 inches.

  • metric code is in millimeter 
    Example; 0201 metric component.
    This means that the component is 0,2 x 0,1 mm in size.

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SMD component sizes translation Metric VS Imperial 

This overview shows you a selection of components that is the same size, but have different names depending on if it's named in Metric code or in Imperial code.

SMD components can be measured in either imperial or metric code

Metric code component
compared to
Imperial code component
= 008004
= 009005
= 01005
= 0201
= 0402
= 0603
= 0805
= 1008
= 1206
= 1806
= 1812
= 2010
= 2512

0201 Imperial compared to 0201 Metric component size

As a SMT machine supplier we understand how crucial it is that you know the difference. We take pride in giving our customers the correct guidance to make their basis for decision the best possible.

So when we tell you that YAMAHA YSM20 pick & place supports 0201 component in metric code - do you know how tiny 0201 SMD component in metric is?

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How small components do
YAMAHA Pick & Place machines support?

YAMAHA Pick & place supports the tiniest components

With the right configuration of mounting head and nozzle for component pick-up the all the pick & place machines listed below supports 0201 components.

- Note: 0201 component is in metrics.  

Pick & Place machines

Here you find the our range of Pick & Place machines - feel free to take a closer look.

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