YAMAHA AOI yamaha YRi-V unit

AOI inspection with YAMAHA YRi-V vision

YAMAHA YRi-V vision Yamaha AOI inspection

New state of the art 2D and 3D YAMAHA AOI offering new features that will impact both usability and output quality with new interface and 1.6 to 2 times faster than the predecessor YAMAHA AOI model YSi-V.

Using 3D AOI inspection imaging function you get higher reliably as it detects floating components that a 2D inspection can miss. 

YAMAHA YRi-V AOI inspection unit includes many smart features e.g. automatic parameter settings cuts data-tuning time by 50%, automatic component AI library matching.

  - 2D + 3D Inspection | AOI machine: 3 functions in 1 machine

About Yamaha AOI; Yamaha YRi-V vision

Automated Optical Inspection at is best with YRi-V

  • 2D inspection

    The 2-dimensional inspections are performed by 12-MP cameria with 12 µm resolution and a telecentric lens with 5 diffent methods: brightness, infrared, color, shape and coazial lighting

  • 3D inspection (option)

    The 3-dimensional inspections are performed with either a 8 (or 4) way projector that performs 3D inspections that e.g. detects SMD heights upto 25 mm, slope gradient and direction.

  • 4 direction

    4-way angular camera with 20 megapixel resolution

  • Single & dual lane system 

  • Applicable PCB: 

    - L 610 x W 610 mm (maximum) 

    - L 50 x W 50 mm (minimum)

    - L 750 mm longer PCB (Option)

  • Machine size: L 1.252 mm x W 1.497 mm x H 1.614 mm

  • Machine weigh: 1.480 kg

  • Speed! Industries fastest inspection speed
    - 60% faster with 12 micrometer lens
    - 100% faster with 7 micrometer lens

  • New 5 micrometer model - super high resolution 8 way projection. Double 3D accuracy.

  • Detects scratches and cracks on mirrored surfaces new coaxial lighting. 

  • Bigger boards up to 750 mm long.

  • AI library matching

  • CAD + CAM conversion with Gerber support

  • THT / trough hole technology inspection algorithms 

    For more information download the flyer below or watch the video.

Inspection camera inside the YAMAHA AOI

YAMAHA AOI seen from the inside of yamaha yri-v

YAMAHA YRi-V product brochure where you find all Yamaha AOI specifications

Download YAMAHA AOI brochure

Download datasheet on YRi-V | YRi-V spec sheet to download as a PDF file with more information on the YAMAHA YRi-V inspection unit. Get all AOI specifications on the YAMAHA inspection machine.


YAMAHA AOI video presenting YRi-V

Automated optical inspection with Yamaha YRi-V | Get a thoroughly introduction to the YAMAHA AOI; YRi-V with an informative AOI inspection functions this AOI performs.

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